Get to know about the business model & benefits of working with CryptoCoins-Bank.

What is CryptoCoins-Bank?

Our effectively designed platform enrich the flexibility and remarkable experience with wonderful skill.


Working in this field since 10 years, we invented CryptoCoins-Bank as a brand. Our ability and vast experience is strong enough to expand our business to the next level.

Business Model

Our business model is based on trade and exchange in index trading through fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR & JPY.

Crucial Benefits for users

To avoid direct risk for users in the index trading, we are providing the secure platform (Store In Vault) to invest your money in trade market.

Use of Bitcoin

We are emerging our business with the help of Bitcoin. It is an unique virtual currency based on the proof of work.

Trust & Service

Our systems are under 24x7 monitoring. We periodically tests out it based on the various environments, market factors and user requirements.

Get risk free regular profit from trade investment.

CryptoCoins-Bank provides you a secure regular payouts. Automated Index trading solutions backed by our expert analyst.

To make our system fully automated, we have created an automatic modules that take care of every aspect of your invested amount. Our automatic withdrawal system is designed to maintain users ledger effectively. All benefits are automatically transferred to your main wallet.

Our main priority is to maintain trust and confidence of our clients. We guarantee secure transactions on the Blockchain network, because of its transparency. All of the transactions are strongly regulated & maintained in accordance with security standards.

- Louie Hayes


In CryptoCoins-Bank everything is balanced including order management, gold & stock share of total investment, regular payout, daily growth and more.